Don’t get stuck in the past!

Do you compare yourself to what you used to be in the past and then feel bad about where you are at?

I have a new client who looks back in the past and looks at herself now and feels pretty crappy about where she is at.

The question she asks herself often is
“How did I allow myself to get here?”

Have you ever asked yourself that question around a certain area of your life, where you are disappointed in where you are at now in this present moment?

If you have, let me explain what that does vibrationally to you. read more

Love is the bridge …

Come from a place of LOVE.

Infuse love into everything you do, you say, you are, you look at.

Love is the energy that can transform any negative situation into a positive one when you fully embrace that loving energy into your mind, body and soul!

Love is the bridge between you and everything you desire to have in your life.

Infuse love into every thought you have about yourself (I know, that one sounds like a tough one, but it doesn’t have to be)!

Infuse love into every perception you have of your world around you. read more

Law of Attraction Tip: Stay Grounded in the Present Moment!

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling frustrated about a specific life situation, often you are worrying about what “will be” or you are looking back at “what was” and comparing that to “where you are now” and feeling pretty crappy about that?!

From a Law of Attraction standpoint, what you think and feel creates your reality.  And the Universe doesn’t know whether you are focused on the past, focused on the future or focused on what is right in front of your nose.  That’s all the Universe matches is how you are FEELING about what you are focused on. read more

Finding Inspiration Through Art!

I met an artist at the Eugene Saturday Market named Noelle Dass whose artwork vibrates the essence of my Lovin’ Life message to my audience. When you walk into her booth, you feel a sense of lightness and positive energy that feels so yummy. Many of her quotes are inspirational thoughts that I say on a daily basis! So, I wanted to share her story and her artwork with you here on my Maria Mojo Mondays Law of Attraction blog. (And there’s a special discount for you that Noelle and I have put together just for my Maria Mojo Monday followers! So, stick around to the end of this post and eagerly anticipate our Lovin’ Life surprise for you!) read more

How the Law of Attraction can help you THRIVE through any Adversity!

Those trying times test you. They can shake you to the core of your being and make you wonder how you are ever going to get through the challenges you are facing.  I know … I’ve been there.

But the positive of those difficult times is that they can push you to look within and find a drive, a determination and

a “Hell no, this is not going to break me!” type of attitude!!!

When I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), that was one of those times. I found a strength and determination within me that was so unstoppable that I just knew there was nothing anyone could say that would make me believe that this “bump in the road” was going to stop me from living my life to the fullest. read more

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