Saving Mr. Banks – A Happiness Coach’s Movie Review

I just recently saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks.  Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson were amazing in this film!  However, the movie was not what I expected and left me feeling quite philosophical and deep.

First off, I must say that Emma Thompson’s eyes during this film truly rang true to that saying “the eyes are the window to the soul”.   She really drew you in with her eyes and made you feel what she was feeling when thinking about her childhood.  It was amazing how she could do this in her acting.  I was very impressed and moved by this film.

I never knew the story behind how Mary Poppins came to be.  I am sure that some of the storyline is made for the movies, but I also know from my research that some of it is based on the true story.

Don’t worry …  this won’t be a spoiler alert for you, but I will discuss my take-aways from this film as a Law of Attraction Happiness Coach, life coach, writer and motivational speaker.

I find it very interesting how I remember this film (when I was a kid) to be such a happy-go-lucky and light-hearted film with a positive and uplifting vibe that put abundant smiles on my face.  And if you know me personally, you know how much I love to sing and act … so that just adds to the joy of this movie.

And now, after seeing this film, it lets you see the behind-the-scenes back-story of how it came to be.  And that story is one that comes from some negative life situations and challenges – those trying times that all of us go through at one point in time in our lives – just played out in a different scene.

From a Law of Attraction standpoint, it showed us how our life experiences and how we choose to view the past plays a significant role in how we perceive things in our life and the bias we bring to a situation.  It also taught us that we need to work through those challenging emotional times in order to free ourselves and open ourselves up to new adventures and new experiences that feel good.  Often, positive life events can birth from some pretty negative experiences.  We just have to be open to receive those positive life events and let go of the past that often can hold us back.

Another take-away for me from this Saving Mr. Banks movie was that you really never know what’s “behind the scenes” when you talk to someone or watch them on a bus or see someone else’s life and think “oh wow, I wish I could have their life!”  You never know what someone else is going through.   Like I often mention to my partner “nothing is what it appears to be”.   So, it’s futile to assume what someone else is going through and to judge it.  It’s also wasted energy to compare yourself to others, thinking that they have such a good life and you don’t.  You really don’t know that.  And if all of us were to put our “problems” or “life challenges” into a big pile right now, I bet you would take yours back in an instant.

One of the most important Law of Attraction tips is to be grateful for what you have, focus on what IS working in your life, focus on the abundance you do have, not the lack of something that you don’t have yet.

Another Law of Attraction tip from this movie that Walt Disney taught us is that no matter how many times “no” is said to you, if you believe in your dream, you will keep on moving forward with the intention that it is going to happen and IT WILL HAPPEN!

Many artists say that their most successful creations came from a negative situation or a time in their life where they were experiencing great heartache and pain.  (Think of many of the musicians out there where their greatest hits were based on a story of a difficult breakup they went through!)

You must always believe that your life can pivot to the positive, no matter what you are currently going through now.  And often the lessons we learn during those challenging times make us stronger than ever and carve a path for living a life filled with more joy!

Saving Mr. Banks was a deep movie that made you feel the pain and the heartache that one woman went through in her childhood.  It showed you what made Walt Disney the magical and brilliant icon that he is (along with all his Disney Themed parks).   And it amazes me that even though the story behind the movie is one of heartache and pain, that the Marry Poppins movie was transformed into something that brought millions of smiles to children and adults all over the world.  Incredible!

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