Are you a chronic procrastinator?

Are you one of those people that “should” all over yourself?

You know …
“I should do this” or  “I should do that”.

And then you feel bad when you don’t do it and that task that you have been meaning to do has been pushed off AGAIN!

I know that you know this feeling.  I sure do! Everyone has at least a few “shoulds” hanging around.

A “should” is usually something that you procrastinate.


Because you really don’t have any motivation to do it.
It doesn’t light you up (at least it doesn’t right at this point in time).
It doesn’t have a positive enough energy attached to it. read more

Law of Attraction Tip: Stay Grounded in the Present Moment!

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling frustrated about a specific life situation, often you are worrying about what “will be” or you are looking back at “what was” and comparing that to “where you are now” and feeling pretty crappy about that?!

From a Law of Attraction standpoint, what you think and feel creates your reality.  And the Universe doesn’t know whether you are focused on the past, focused on the future or focused on what is right in front of your nose.  That’s all the Universe matches is how you are FEELING about what you are focused on. read more

Handing the Daily Frustrations The Law of Attraction Way!

Have you ever been annoyed by attempting to get an answer by calling customer service?  You know… where you keep on getting a bunch of automated messages and you just want to speak to a REAL person and get your answer!

Have you ever experienced a frustration with your computer where it just decides to freeze in the middle of typing up an important document (and you lose what you were working on!)?

Or maybe it’s that massive amount of spam that you get in your inbox that frustrates you (and no matter what you do to block it … it keeps on coming!) read more

Saving Mr. Banks – A Happiness Coach’s Movie Review

I just recently saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks.  Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson were amazing in this film!  However, the movie was not what I expected and left me feeling quite philosophical and deep.

First off, I must say that Emma Thompson’s eyes during this film truly rang true to that saying “the eyes are the window to the soul”.   She really drew you in with her eyes and made you feel what she was feeling when thinking about her childhood.  It was amazing how she could do this in her acting.  I was very impressed and moved by this film. read more

When you Feel Stuck! … Musings of a Happiness Coach

I was inspired to write this as a result of what someone wrote to me in response to what I posted as my status on Facebook recently.

Here’s what I wrote:
Reviewing some new coaching clients answers to my Client Interview Questionnaire!  I just love helping my clients live the life of their dreams! I sure LOVE what I do! 🙂

And here is what someone posted on my wall in reply to this status update:
“I wish my job was something that I could love every day…but its just NOT. There are many aspects that nobody should have to endure, but someone has to. Like your job, people call me when situations get beyond their control…but unlike me, they are happy to deal with you. You are very fortunate. Never forget that.” read more

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