Don’t get stuck in the past!

Do you compare yourself to what you used to be in the past and then feel bad about where you are at?

I have a new client who looks back in the past and looks at herself now and feels pretty crappy about where she is at.

The question she asks herself often is
“How did I allow myself to get here?”

Have you ever asked yourself that question around a certain area of your life, where you are disappointed in where you are at now in this present moment?

If you have, let me explain what that does vibrationally to you. read more

Finding Inspiration Through Art!

I met an artist at the Eugene Saturday Market named Noelle Dass whose artwork vibrates the essence of my Lovin’ Life message to my audience. When you walk into her booth, you feel a sense of lightness and positive energy that feels so yummy. Many of her quotes are inspirational thoughts that I say on a daily basis! So, I wanted to share her story and her artwork with you here on my Maria Mojo Mondays Law of Attraction blog. (And there’s a special discount for you that Noelle and I have put together just for my Maria Mojo Monday followers! So, stick around to the end of this post and eagerly anticipate our Lovin’ Life surprise for you!) read more

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