Law of Attraction and Weight Loss for Teenagers

Ladies (of all ages) … what would it take for all of us to just love ourselves, just the way we are, with no judgment on our weight or how old we look or how we look compared to other woman? It is so important to find that beautiful soul within you and to see it no matter what … no matter what anyone else says, no matter what you see on the internet or no matter what you see on TV or in magazines.

Unconditional Self-love is HUGE and radiates a beauty that can’t be topped!

The reason for this post is because I had a 15-year old teenage girl contact me to find out about my ‪‎Law of Attraction‬ weight loss coaching services.  She found me on the internet, read my entire website and felt inspired and excited to reach out and call me.  She left me a voicemail message that was so sweet and expressed her eagerness to connect with me to find out more about how she could leverage The Law of Attraction to successfully lose weight and to keep it off.  After reading the book The Secret, she realized that her thoughts played a role in her weight loss journey and wanted to learn more. read more

Are you a chronic procrastinator?

Are you one of those people that “should” all over yourself?

You know …
“I should do this” or  “I should do that”.

And then you feel bad when you don’t do it and that task that you have been meaning to do has been pushed off AGAIN!

I know that you know this feeling.  I sure do! Everyone has at least a few “shoulds” hanging around.

A “should” is usually something that you procrastinate.


Because you really don’t have any motivation to do it.
It doesn’t light you up (at least it doesn’t right at this point in time).
It doesn’t have a positive enough energy attached to it. read more

Do your family members push your hot button?

You know how there are some people in your life (especially family members at times) that can just get under your skin, pushing your hot buttons and making you feel like you have that irritability bug within you that just keeps eating away at your joy?

Well, first off, they may be pushing your hot button, but they didn’t install that hot button

… you did.

It’s your job to have a demolition party and remove that hot button altogether.

Only you can do that!

So, here’s one thing you can do to start to deactivate your hot buttons: read more

Ignore the naysayers!

Have you ever shared your dreams or desires with a friend or family member (or even with your social media connections) and find that there are always some people that have something negative to say about what you want to do with your life?

They say “that won’t work” or “it’s not possible” or sometimes they just make a sound (and you know what that sound means — it’s one of disapproval or “yeah right, like that’s ever going to happen”!). read more

Don’t get stuck in the past!

Do you compare yourself to what you used to be in the past and then feel bad about where you are at?

I have a new client who looks back in the past and looks at herself now and feels pretty crappy about where she is at.

The question she asks herself often is
“How did I allow myself to get here?”

Have you ever asked yourself that question around a certain area of your life, where you are disappointed in where you are at now in this present moment?

If you have, let me explain what that does vibrationally to you. read more

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